Composer: Could not load package phpspec/prophecy

I’m in the process of trying out Laravel 5 and encountered the error message below when running the command below:

Using TiCPP and TinyXML with Visual Studio 2010 and C++

Third party libraries can often save you a lot of time, and I recently had the need to integrate TinyXML into our Visual Studio 2010 C++ application using TiCPP / TinyXML++:

TinyXML++ is a completely new interface to TinyXML that uses MANY of the C++ strengths. Templates, exceptions, and much better error handling.

Using Multiple Dropbox Accounts on One Computer

Dropbox is an amazing application that allows you to sync files between multiple devices. You’d be amazed that how many people still don’t know what it is and the benefits it has. Whilst at University, I had a lot of friends making half backups of their thesis on all kinds of media. Never did I have to worry about remembering my USB device or emailing the latest copy of my thesis around when I needed to access it on another device – I just used Dropbox for all my backup needs.

Importing Large Files Into MySQL

If you have a large file (this was tested with csv and text files), you may want an easier way to import them directly into your MySQL database.

To start with, we need to disable a few things to help the performance MySQL of the bulk insert. For reference, the database engine being used on this import is the InnoDB engine. You can read more on these commands over on the MySQL website:

Regular MySQL Crashes on Linux VPS

I have a large number of Linux VPS servers for hosting websites and MySQL servers. Lately, MySQL has been crashing a lot more regularly and failing to recover. A quick Google suggested that some VPS servers with low memory don’t have a swap space configured which may cause MySQL to crash more often (in my case, the servers memory ranges from 512MB – 1GB).

Installing Unreal IRCD and Anope Services on Ubuntu

IRC is a great way to interact with your community and I’ve always enjoyed using it (since around 1998) and hosting my own IRC server and services. This small tutorial will guide you through the installation proces and will focus on the installation of Unreal IRCD and Anope IRC Services on Ubuntu 12.04.4 LTS.

The Fun Of Buying Domain Names

Buying domain names has been an interest of mine for many years. I’ll often search through various market places to see if there’s anything which takes my fancy. More often than not, I’ll buy a domain name and just keep it idle until I’m motivated enough to find a use for it.